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Mahanagar Gas


CSR Policies

The Company has revised its CSR Policy in 2014 to align it with the guidelines formulated by the Companies (Corporate Social Responsibility Policy) Rules, 2014.


In accordance with vision of the company, its CSR initiatives will supplement its contribution in environment protection, development of healthy and enlightened citizens, social upliftment and sustainable community development through its service, conduct and social initiatives.

CSR Committee:

The 3- member CSR Committee is constituted of the Managing Director, Technical Director and an Independent Director, who is the Chairman of the Committee.


Integrate business function, goals and strategy with planned community development agenda. Play a role in transforming the society through education, health and environment awareness.

Financial outlay:

For achieving the Company’s CSR objectives through implementation of strategic and sustainable CSR programs, MGL will allocate 2% of its average net profit made during the three immediately preceding financial years as its Annual CSR Budget. With the activities focused on the thrust areas specified in the Schedule VII of The Companies Act.

The policy outlines the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the CSR activities to be undertaken.