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PNG Rate Card

  • Sr. NoParticulars Charge
  • 1 Application Charges Rs. 750 + 18% GST (9%CGST + 9%SGST)
  • 2 Security Deposit for connection Rs. 5000/- per registration (Rs.4500/- at the time of registration and balance Rs.500/- to be paid in first bill.)
  • 3 Gas Consumption Security Deposit* Rs. 750/-
  • 4 Re-Connection Charges (PNG Supply is disconnected from inside with Red Lock) Rs. 1,628/- + 18% GST (9%CGST + 9%SGST)
  • 5 Re-Connection Charges (In case PNG Supply is disconnected from outside of the customers  premise) Rs. 4230 + 18% GST (9%CGST + 9%SGST)
  • 6 Permanent Disconnection Charges 1. Rs.900/- from Andheri to Bhayander, Powai Chandivali, Navi Mumbai, Kalyan, Dombivali, Ambernath, Badalapur, Raigad, Kalamboli, Panvel, Taloja, Thane 2. Rs.743.50/- for Mulund to Byculla & Vileparle to Churchgate. (The contract is valid from 16.07.2022 to 15.07.2024) 18% GST per connection will be applicable.
  • 7 Name Transfer Charges Rs. 350 + 18% GST (9%CGST + 9%SGST)
  • 8 Cheque Bouncing Charges Rs. 200/-
  • 9 Minimum Monthly charges Rs.50 + 18% GST (9%CGST + 9%SGST) per month is charged. Bills are raised on Bimonthly basis.
  • 10 Delayed Payment Charges Rs. 100/- (for the payment not realized by MGL till the due date)
  • 11 Interest charges on Delayed Payment An interest of 18% p.a for the amount unpaid beyond 10 working days from the due date till the date of settlement of the payment or part thereof.
  • 12 Extra Copper charges beyond 5 meters Rs. 159.10/- per metre + 18% GST (9%CGST + 9%SGST)


  • AreaMRP (RS./SCM)
  • Mumbai & adjoining areas 54.00
Price break-up


* Gas Consumption Security Deposit

  1. Every customer is required to furnish Security Deposit (SD) Rs 750- towards gas consumption at the time of Application submission (or during the year when such demand is raised)
  2. If gas consumption goes over and above the gas consumption security deposit with MGL, the same shall be revised periodically and will be mentioned in subsequent bills. The request for differential Security Deposit will be raised in the bills of May and June every year as onetime charges.
  3. The differential SD shall be levied in multiples of Rs 100/-
  4. Failure to pay the revised SD ( additional) will be considered as default and will be liable to disconnection
  5. In case of disconnection, charges for disconnection and reconnection shall apply prior to reconnection