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8 JAN 2009
MGL's Domestic Piped Gas supply unaffected, CNG supply commence to 52 CNG outlets

The on-going strike by Oil Sector Officers has affected the Natural Gas supply from Mumbai High to MGL. Consequently, MGL had to stop the supply as on 08.01.09 to the industrial, commercial and CNG segments in a phased manner, for ensuring supply to the domestic consumers. With these precautions, MGL has retained the uninterrupted gas supply to all its domestic consumers.

In a joint meeting addressed by the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, for reviewing the current scenario, ONGC has agreed to supply some additional Natural Gas to MGL. This will enable MGL to sustain its domestic Piped Gas supply and also start operating few of its CNG stations.

Commensurating with the enhanced supply of gas by ONGC, MGL will start its CNG stations in a progressive manner. Giving priority to the public transport buses, MGL has commenced CNG supply at all BEST depots with CNG facility. Other outlets will also be started progressively after reviewing the situation. Currently, in all 52 CNG outlets are operative.