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8 JAN 2009
MGL's PNG supply to domestic consumers and hospitals remains unaffected inspite of the impact of nationwide strike of Oil Sector Officers.

The Natural Gas supply to Mahanagar Gas has been affected due to the impact of the nationwide strike called by Oil Sector Officers Association. The gas supply received is at low pressure. Inspite of this, with the minimum supply available from ONGC and the cooperation and coordination from GAIL, MGL has been able to sustain the supply to its domestic PNG consumers, hospitals, other vital establishments and its CNG supply.

To ensure the supply to domestic consumers and hospitals remains unaffected as a precautionary measure the PNG supply to industries and other commercial establishments has been curtailed.

Despite all efforts if the pressure drop persists, the CNG supply will be affected. The CNG supply will be curtailed in a phased manner depending on the situation. In the first phase out of 132 outlets CNG supply to 30-40 outlets across the Central, Western and the Southern zones will be curtailed. After reviewing the situation the next phase of curtailment will be implemented. However, it will be ensured that in each zone minimum numbers of CNG stations are operative.

MGL is prevailing on the Natural Gas suppliers to ensure uninterrupted supply of gas to MGL so as to avoid inconvenience to the consumers.

To control the situation arising due to these curtailments MGL is taking the auto and taxi unions into confidence. At the same time the police and traffic police authorities are being apprised of the situation.