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18 JUL 2009
PNG & CNG Price.

Due to steep rise in Natural Gas cost of and other non gas costs such as Power tariff, material cost and other operational expenses Mahanagar Gas Limited will marginally increase the retail selling prices of Piped Natural Gas (PNG) and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). The revised price effective from midnight of 17-18 July 2009 will be as given below:

Revised rates Piped Natural Gas (For Domestic Customers)

Area Price (Rs./scm)
Mumbai Rs.13.60 per scm
Thane Rs.13.65 per scm
Mira Road-Bhayander Rs.13.67 per scm
Navi Mumbai Rs.13.67 per scm

Revised rates for Compressed Natural Gas

Area Price (Rs./scm)
Mumbai Rs.24.65 per kg
Thane Rs.25.21 per kg
Mira Road-Bhayander Rs.24.77 per kg
Navi Mumbai Rs.24.77 per kg