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16 JUN 2010
PNG & CNG Price

In view of increase of MGL’s APM gas purchase price and higher cost involved in sourcing additional market priced gas to cater to the demand of our Domestic Piped Natural Gas (PNG) and CNG consumers, MGL is constrained to increase the prices of PNG and CNG effective from 17th June, 2010 as follows:

Revised MRP of Piped Natural Gas (PNG) (For Domestic Customers) - Inclusive of Octroi / Cess

Area Price (Rs./scm)
Mumbai 17.74
Thane 17.82
Mira Road-Bhayander 17.87
Navi Mumbai 17.93

Revised rates for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) – Inclusive of Octroi / Cess

Area Price (Rs./kg)
Mumbai 31.47
Thane 32.41
Mira Road-Bhayander 31.70
Navi Mumbai 31.78

Though the APM gas cost has increased by more than double, MGL is increasing its selling price of CNG & PNG by only 28% and 30% respectively.

Considering that now MGL's gas purchase price is linked to US$, MGL would be periodically revising its prices based on its input costs and prevailing exchange rates.

Even after the above revision, MGL's CNG remains a very attractive customer proposition and costs about 56% and 25% lower than petrol and diesel respectively at current prices level.