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14 APR 2011
Rationalisation of Mahanagar Gas Limited domestic PNG price

Mahanagar Gas Limited (MGL) today announced a revision of domestic gas (PNG) price. The revised tariffs will be applicable from the billing cycle beginning April 2011 onwards.

MGL has always maintained low domestic PNG price so that domestic consumers are supplied PNG at a price close to subsidized domestic LPG price. Today, the normal average consumption of domestic PNG consumer is about 0.5 SCM.

It has been observed that sometimes the domestic connections are being used for non-domestic purpose like guest houses, etc. and it is difficult to switch such consumers to commercial category. In view of the varied consumption levels of consumers; MGL has now implemented a slab based tariff, whereby the normal domestic consumption price remains unchanged and any consumption over and above normal consumption will be charged at a different price.

The revised tariff plan for the domestic PNG consumers is given below:

Area Slab-1 No change in existing tariff for First 0.80 SCM per Day Rs. / SCM Slab-2 Above 0.80 and up to 1.20 SCM per day Rs. / SCM Slab-3 Above 1.20 SCM per day. Rs. / SCM
Mumbai 17.74 19.49 29.90
Mira Bhayender 17.87 19.69 30.27
Thane 17.82 19.64 30.12
Navi Mumbai 17.93 19.69 30.20

The tariff for consumption above 1.2 scm per day will change on month to month basis with the change in PNG price for Commercial & small establishments.