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11 SEP 2012
Mahanagar Gas Limited introduces innovative technology for Meter Reading

Mahanagar Gas Ltd. (MGL) has been providing the citizens of Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai areas with PNG and CNG ensuring maximum customer convenience.

Continuing their focus and commitment to serve the customers better, MGL has once again undertaken a purposeful step towards providing an alternative solution for meter reading and resolving the billing issues by implementing an advanced technological system. It is said that "Innovation is the mother of invention" - and this is rightly proven once again with the creative ideation by the MGL management and most importantly the Managing Director himself - Mr. V.C.Chittoda.

MGL has recently began with the implementation of their new Photo based GPS enabled smart phones initiative for meter readings at households. The system involves an automated meter reading tool rather than the manual paperwork involved - A GPS based android mobile phone that enables the meter reader to update the data of the customer and allows the meter reader to take a picture of the meter capturing the accurate reading. In order to make this unique project, MGL had approached for a software partner - 'Mobicule' who had given the design an outcome. The meter reader feeds the data into the instrument which in turn is then uploaded to the MGL server for bill generation.

The first phase of this unique initiative has been completed with the PNG customers in Mira-Bhayander areas. Bills also have been generated and sent to the customers based on the reading taken by this system. The mobile instruments are unique to each meter reader and cannot be exchanged within meter readers as they are pass code protected. The system is quicker and does not require the meter reader to physically visit the MGL offices to update the meter readings of customers. It also saves time and paperwork thus "going the green way". The system has been highly appreciated by the customers who have experienced it.

MGL is also in process of testing another technology for obtaining meter readings automatically. This is called an Automated Meter Reading (AMR) system, and currently a pilot project is being implemented. The pilot project is undertaken with the Walk-by system, wherein the MGL meter readers have hand-held equipment with them that enables them to capture the reading onto the system by physically visiting the vicinity / area, rather than each individual home.

In other words, the meter reader is not required to physically access each meter to collect the reading. On comparison, the reading on the mechanical index of the meter and the reading obtained on the hand-held equipment have been found to be the same in more than 99% cases.

Besides these, MGL has also introduced SMS - Meter Reading Solution, where in a customer can send the metre reading to ensure that he is billed as per the Meter reading in an Assessed Cycle. For this the customer has to just Check the reading in the meter (Black Digits) and type the message BP NO (10 DIGITS) and message it to No "9167500111". If reading sent is progressive bill will be sent on the reading received

These initiatives just emphasizes MGL's commitment towards its customers and only reiterates their customer friendly approach for their consumers in the city of Mumbai and nearby areas.