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1st July 2019
Press Release

In view of increase in MGL's gas costs due to increase in regulated tariff of Trombay RCF pipeline Network from Rs. 1.04 / MMBTU to Rs. 25.15 / MMBTU and that of Uran-Thal-Usar pipeline network from Rs. 3.49 / MMBTU to Rs. 6.03 / MMBTU, MGL is constrained to partially pass-through its increased gas costs resulting into increase in the basic price of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) by Rs. 0.32/Kg and Domestic Piped Natural Gas (PNG) by Rs 0.23/ SCM in and around Mumbai, effective from midnight of June 30, 2019 / early morning of July 01, 2019.

Accordingly, revised delivered prices inclusive of all taxes of CNG and Domestic PNG in and around Mumbai will be Rs. 51.99/Kg and Rs. 31.79/SCM (Slab 1) and Rs. 37.39/SCM (Slab 2) respectively.

This increase would have a marginal impact of Rs. 0.01/KM and Rs. 0.02/KM on the per KM running costs of Auto rickshaws and Taxies respectively. Even after the above revision, MGL's CNG still continues to be a very attractive proposition and offers savings of about 51% and 22% as compared to petrol and diesel respectively at current price levels in Mumbai. Also, MGL's Domestic PNG continues to deliver unmatched convenience, safety, reliability and environmental friendliness to consumers.

All our valued customers may please take note of these revisions.