Billing Queries

Every customer is allotted a unique BP (Business Partner) and CA (Contract Account) Number). Also, each customer falls in a specific zone.

Bills are generated once in two months. The first bill of a customer is generated on the basis of actual meter reading taken.  An assessed bill is then sent after two months which is again followed by an actual bill.  This sequence is followed alternately.


In case of an ACTUAL bill, the exact reading is taken as shown in the meter on a particular date and the same is reflected in the bill. Alternatively, if reading is not available, a bill is generated on an ESTIMATED basis.  In this case, the word (E) will be mentioned along with the units given on the bill.

In case of an ASSESSED bill, the word, (A) is mentioned along with the billed reading units.  In addition, ‘ASSESSED’ is also mentioned on the bill.


Meter reading is taken once in four months. In case reading is available, bills are raised accordingly. If no reading is available, bills are raised on Estimated basis (based on last  three actual readings)

If a customer has not received three actual bills, a standard average of 0.50 SCM per day is used while calculating the gas consumption for the number of days between two billing cycles.


Yes. If the customer is familiar with his / her billing cycle (actual or assessed), the actual meter reading can be informed over phone  or via e-mail, seven days prior to the billing cycle.         

SMS <BP No.> Space<5 digits(in black)> to 9223555557 ,

E-mail at or

Call at 1917/26594500/61564500

Login and give your meter reading


Please note, meter readers having a valid Identity Card should be permitted to take the meter reading. Meter reader carries Smart Phone hand held terminal. Please check the following before allowing entrance of meter readers at your residence – valid identity card, authorization letter issued by MGL and MGL non-employee ID card.

Ans. Please mention the BP No or CA No and the billing schedule will be provided accordingly.

MGL ensures the delivery of gas bills to all its domestic customers. The Postal department is entrusted with the delivery job keeping in mind their best services and  their familiarity with the physical locations in the city.

Besides the bill date, the dispatch date is also mentioned in the bill. Bills are expected to be delivered within Five Postal Working days.

If you are not receiving bills, activate “E-bill facility

Check your address and update your e-mail id and Contact Number immediately by contacting Customer Care


Bills are also sent through e-mail, if desired by the customer. To have this facility, the customer should register with MGL giving the e-mail id.


Payments  can be made by using various modes as listed below:

Drop Box facility

Drop a cheque or demand draft  at any of the convenient locations identified  with the following agencies / banks. (Click on each to view the location of drop boxes)

Across the Counter

Post Offices,
(Cash payments can be made.  Please ensure that a receipt is  issued before leaving the counter)

Easy Bill and Suvidhaa outlets

Payments can also be made at these outlets. (In case of cash payments, please ensure that a receipt is issued before leaving the counter).

Ans. Payments can be made through Bill Junction/ Bill Desk.

Visit MGL website and follow the link to make the payment.


Ans. Cheque to be drawn in the name of “Mahanagar Gas Ltd A/c (state CA No.).” Kindly mention the mobile number on the reverse of the cheque.
Ans. Yes
Ans. Any rectification should be given in writing. Proof for the same should be provided.

A copy of the Sale Deed and Electricity Bill may be provided.

Presently, charges of Rs.250/- (Rupees Two Hundred and Fifty Only) are applicable in case of name change / transfer. A Demand Draft for this amount to be drawn in favour of “Mahanagar Gas Ltd".


Name Transfer generally happens in the following cases :

  • Possession of the house from the builder (First Purchaser)
  • Legal Heir inheritance
  • Resale and Purchase agreement resulting in name change.

In the first two cases, name transfer is done subject to submission of the prescribed application form alongwith with necessary proof.

For Name Transfer pursuant to Sale of the flat, the Purchaser and Seller has to mutually sign the documents and deposit a sum of Rs. 250/-.

MGL shall do necessary changes  once “GAS DUES” are settled in full. Hence,  Ggas payment is due,  the same should be paid along with the Name Transfer form duly filled in.


MGL ensures all the bills are delivered to its customers as per the respective billing cycle.

In case gas bill for the said period has not been received by the customer, our Customer Care dept. may be contacted on 1917 or an e mail be sent to A duplicate bill will be provided.

Customers registered with MGL for e bill facility,  can get a copy of the gas bill from MGL website.

Kindly follow the link


Kindly provide complete  details of address and contact numbers via e-mail to Please mention  the nature of complaint in the subject

For eg:  Gas being consumed, but  not received a single bill as yet – in this case, please mention subject as “CONNECTED, NOT YET RECEIVED FIRST BILL”.


Kindly inform MGL  in writing Sspecifying the number of days/ months gas will not be used. As per the policy, “MINIMUM CHARGES” are applicable while billing for  such non stay periods.

In case of non-stay for more than three months, the same may be communicated  on 1917.


Bills may not be received for the following reasons:

  • Gas connection details are not recorded withMGL
  • Door locked  during visit by meter reader

However, if reason is ‘DOOR LOCKED’,  a bill will be sent as  “compensation for Shortfall charges”.  Please visit ‘Tariff’ section for further details.


If payment is made at Post Offices, Suvidhaa Outlets, a receipt for the same will be provided  immediately by theconcerned person to whom the payment is made.

MGL acknowledges receipt of realized payment in the subsequent bill. For details on acknowledgement of payments  through any mode, please visit the  ’Acknowledgement’ section.

Ans. Yes, payments are accepted through ECS. Kindly download the following the link (ECS Mandate FORM). Please follow the instructions given and submit the duly completed form to MGL at the address stated  therein.

Customers opting for ECS mode of payment are entitled to the following benefits.

  • A credit of Rs.50/- will be given while exercising this option for the first time with MGL.This will be reflected in the consequent bill
  • 1% discount on the Gas consumption Charge will be credited to the customer’s  account
  • No separate cheque payment towards the Gas dues
  • On the due date the amount will be directly debited to the customer’s bank account as per the ECS Mandate provided to MGL

Yes. Payment can be made in advance on an estimated basis  after checking the dues based on  past consumption.

 Voluntary Deposit Scheme (VDS) is also offered to MGL customers.  Payment in multiples of Rs.500, with an initial deposit of Rs.1000/- can be made. The Maximum amount that  can be deposited is Rs.10,000/-.
 Interest on the same @ 7% p.a.  is payable on monthly reducing balance once in a year.

 Interested  customers  may kindly  download the form by following the link (VDS FORM)The duly filled in form along with the cheque may be forwarded to the address as stated on the form.

Ans. A customer no longer having PNG connectionbut having a balance in the VDS accountmay apply for refund. Similarly, a customer still using PNG needs a refund  of balance VDS amount, may request for the same.  The amount will be sent  by cheque payable at par in Mumbai.